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This group of Edinburgh-based musicians is a treat to listen to…

Paul Hamblin
Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What instruments are in a string quartet/trio?

    A string quartet comprises four instruments: 2 violins, a viola and a cello. A trio can either have two violins and cello or violin, viola and cello (we use the latter).

  • Can you provide other ensembles?

    We frequently play with other instrumentalists and singers, and are happy to consider any combination.

  • What do you require in order to perform?

    Each performer requires one armless, wheel-less non-revolving chair in a playing area that is sufficient in size not to interfere with their playing posture. If the venue does not have adequate lighting, please notify us in advance and we will bring our own lights.

  • Can you play outside?

    We are very happy to play outside, weather permitting. We do, however, reserve the right to refuse in the case of conditions we deem unsuitable on the day. This can be any degree of precipitation, direct sunlight, winds, or extremes of temperature. With prior notice and for an additional fee we can provide our own cover in the form of a gazebo (3m x 4.5m), though it is the responsibility of the customer to clear this with the venue.

  • What do you wear?

    Our normal dress is all black, with jackets for the men. Alternatively, we can wear DJs / cocktail dresses. If your event is themed, we are more than happy to dress appropriately, hiring costumes (costs to be covered by the customer) where necessary.

  • How far do you travel?

    We are based in Edinburgh and Perth, and routinely perform all over Scotland and the North of England. We would be happy to consider requests for performances further afield.

  • Do you have a demo CD?

    We have sound clips available on the ‘Our Music’ page, along with a list of our repertoire. If you have problems accessing these, send us your postal address and we'’ll send you a copy of our demo CD in the post.

  • Do you have public liability insurance?

    Yes, we have public liability insurance.

  • How do I/we go about booking you?

    Please refer to the ‘Hire Us’ page for full details.

Scotland’s most versatile string ensemble

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